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Growth on leaf!

Observed: 6th June 2013 By: john k.john k.’s reputation in Plants
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Species with which Eriophyes tiliae interacts


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Change group?

Possibly move this to/ add another photo in the fungi and lichens section for better scrutiny. This is either a fungus or a reaction by the plant to irritation by a disease or parasite.

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assuming that I'm correct in identifying this as a nail gall ...

... in this case the causal agent is an invertebrate (mite) rather than a fungus.

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Interesting- i did say

Interesting- i did say possibly a parasite but had no real idea. Cheers.

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Add an association

This would be a good place to use the associations / interaction feature. This entry in invertebrates (since someone has identified it already) and the associated entry in plants identifying the plant.