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Text formatting

Is there a summary of the text formatting commands? While "em" for instance is obvious, others are not so, at least to me.
I know they appear when typing, but it would be good to have them available as a single page in "Help"



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text formatting

h3 is 3rd level heading

h4 is 4th level heading

a is anchor; usually used for inserting links to other pages

em is emphasis, commonly implemented as italics

strong is strong emphasis, commonly implemented as bold

cite is citation, which seems to be rendered the same as emphasis

code is program code, commonly implemented in a fixed width font, and here in a small point size as well

    ul is an unordered (bulleted) list
  • in which li delimits a bullet point
    ol is an ordered (numbered) list
  1. in which li delimits a numbered item
  2. dl is a description list, and doesn't seem to be helpfully formatted.
    dt is the term
    and dd the definition

    They're all standard HTML so you can look them up on the internet.

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Thanks for that -

When I learnt my computing, HTML was still a novelty for the rich and/or the enthusiasts!
I was happily plugging pH meters (and any other bit of lab equipment with a connection) into a BBC "B": blissfully unaware that this was a trend that would make the analytical chemist an endangered species.