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An unusual caterpillar (added via Android)

Observed: 14th July 2013 By: Justyn Time
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This caterpillar was found under our picnic basket after spending a night camping by the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire. Does anyone know what it is? It was around 9-10cm long when fully stretched out.

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The brown colour indicates...

...it's ready to pupate as they are normally much greener in appearance.

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Puss Moth

Many thanks Vinny. We looked it up and saw the green one in a book and thought it may be that but discounted it because it was the wrong colour. It got us all really excited and the youngsters were fascinated.

I'll send them to this site so they can see pictures online

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Here's a link...

...to some pics of an observation I made of the same a species a few years ago: http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/28192?nav=users_observations
You can see its defensive tail-whips in one of them.