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Scorpion Fly

Observed: 14th July 2013 By: sgwarnogsgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebratessgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebratessgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebratessgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebrates

I understand it's difficult to distinguish the three UK species of Scorpion Fly from a photo, particularly one as blurry as this one.

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So my id was correct, but my

So my id was correct, but my mistake was to class it at the level of family rather than genera?

Peter H

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no mistake

I'm not sure about elsewhere, but in the UK we have only one genus (Panorpa) in the family Panorpidae, so we're quite safe to call these Panorpa.

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Hi Peter you where heading in the right direction but the family is a wide taxonomic classification which could be tigthened to Genus in this case as a general rule I would prefer to agree with an observation that is cautious and limitted to Genus if there is an element of doubt on species , but on i-spot I think there is an inbuilt tendency to pursue everything to species when it is sometimes not apparent what id features would get you there I also as a matter of courtesy as here would agree with you observation because it is technically correct. There are no mistakes just learning curves . Always best to photograph the males as these can go to species eventually with a bit of experience and a good macro


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