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Bombus subterraneus

Observed: 23rd May 2010 By: mc9662
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Found these bees going in and out of a compost bin. I used the Natural History Museum ID guide here and got to B.subterraneus. It's not exactly how my Collins Insects by Michael Chinery shows it to be, any other ideas most welcome

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Bombus hypnorum

I discounted B.hypnorum as Chinery says it is "identified by entirely brown thorax" these bees show a dark hairless spot in the middle.... is that wear and tear maybe?


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Wear and Tear

The black spot in the middle of the thorax is indeed wear and tear, the hairs have been rubbed off and you can see the surface of the exoskeleton.

If you are using the NHM key, it is important to remember that the colours they refer too are the colours of the hairs, most bumblebees are black underneath.

B.hypnorum is a fairly new bee for the UK and the spread of the species is being mapped by BWARS, so it might be useful to pass onthe record. See for more info.

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Thank you all for all your help. I've submitted the record as suggested.