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Missing Images

I have noticed a number of postings coming through lately without images but with descriptions that suggest the user thought their image would appear. (If a user is posting an observation without an image I would expect them to add a fair amount of description, rather than just a few words. Some titles also suggest what we might see in a missing image (e.g. 'Short life of a butterfly'.)

I suspect that users may be browsing for their (single) image in the Add Observation page but then failing to click the 'Attach the photo' button, filling in the rest of the fields then clicking Save. I don't know if it's worth the site admins asking a few posters of non-image Observations whether they had intended to upload an image?

I think it would be useful to add a check to the saving of an observation to check the 'Select a photo' field and if it has the text for a photo either add the image automatically or inform the user that they haven't attached their image yet (allowing a save anyway override).



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Missing Images

Although other people can see the last few of the images I have added, I can't, anyone any idea what's changed? If I click the title and then the attached image it opens in another window so they're clearly there but I can't see them anymore - any advice welcome.

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Missing photo

It has happened to me a couple of times that I clicked the "Attach the Photo" button but the photo wasn't there when I posted the observation, or that the photo subsequently disappeared from the observation. I usually click the Preview button before saving an observation - the attached photo isn't visible at that stage, and it might be helpful if it were.

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This does seem to be a recurrent problem -

It was discussed a while back. Those of us with slow broadband can really struggle to post a large picture file, leaving us with a choice of cropping or reducing the quality (or both) to get it to load.
It was suggested that a message box should open if someone tried to save an observation without a picture attached, in case they hadn't realised it can be slow (e.g. "There is no picture attached: are you sure you want to save?", but perhaps there is more than one problem here.

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photo attachments

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. We do seem to have a problem with photo uploads under some circumstances at the moment, and are looking into this. Will let you know when a solution is found.

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In the interim -

it would be good to have some sort of "autocomplete" comment facility.
I'm thinking of a button that inserts a comment that says that there is no picture visible, and gives instructions on how to edit the observation. it should probably also have an apology if the poster did not intend to post a picture.

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Increasing number of missing images?

They seem to be breeding!
What's odd is that although there seems to be no image attached to -
someone has agreed with the identification - which makes me suspect that there may be more than just a loading problem?

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I would not ...

... think the agreement unreasonable in this particular case. Personally I would like to see a slightly fuller description just to be sure but there are not many other birds this could be; it is not necessary to provide a photo to participate or others to provide agreement (provided a full enough description is provided).
However I do agree there may be more than one issue here, just this might not be the best example.


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Sometimes the images are

Sometimes the images are missing completely but on other occasions there is a linked .jpeg included but the photograph doesn't show in the post .......