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Observed: 16th July 2013 By: Megalice

I know it's a jellyfish, but I don't know what species.
It's a dark purple and see through colour
Size of a clenched fist

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its some kind of jelly fish I don't know which one

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could be this though not 100% sure ;


Mauve Jellyfish: - Pelagia noctiluca

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Hi Megan...

....we have had a bloom of blue here as well in Westgate. We have some moon at the moment too, but by far and away at the moment you are likely to bump into the blue jellyfish. Have found the blue at West and Epple Bay.

The other thing to bear in mind is that despite the name, jellyfish are invertebrates and not fish. You should edit and move this pic to the invertebrates section.



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Speaking of the Mauve

Speaking of the Mauve jellyfish there's a good (but fragmentary) example of it, showing it's stippling pattern, at ,but Mis-ID'd
as a moon jelly.