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Meadow Brown pair

Observed: 12th July 2013 By: orchid_borchid_b’s reputation in Invertebratesorchid_b’s reputation in Invertebratesorchid_b’s reputation in Invertebratesorchid_b’s reputation in Invertebrates

First time I've seen a pair in cop. in garden I think this means that the female has just emerged, and has been pounced on by a male. So I am guessing that this is proof of breeding either within or very close to the garden. If anyone knows how to spot them egglaying I would be interested.

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2 spots

I found a 2-spotted Meadow Brown two years ago - http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/195068?nav=users_observations

They don't seem to be very common though (not mentioned in Thomas and Lewington). Tricky!

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Meadow Brown

I had actually taken these for Meadow Browns and not thought anything of it until I looked at the photo and changed my mind, thinking I had been careless! Didn't look at the actual butterflies much! As well as the two spots - which i thought was diagnostic - the hindwing looks very well marked, and no dark spots on either, though I realise they vary on this.

Just shows how we can take common spp for granted.

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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It's good

It's good to have to look more closely sometimes isn't it! Makes us notice little details that go unseen otherwise.