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Trichius rosaceus, Pietra Parcellara, Italy

Observed: 10th June 2008 By: martinjohnbishopInvertebrates expert
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I have called this T. rosaceus

to correspond with the other observations on iSpot.
However is a learned discussion on the name.
It is called T. gallicus here

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T. gallicus is not recognised

T. gallicus is not recognised by NBN yet, so rosaceus (= zonatus by some usage) is the name to use here.

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Surely the name to use

is that agreed under the rules of the ICZN by the International Community? I await further news. Best wishes, Martin.

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Perhaps when it gets into the

Perhaps when it gets into the NHM species dictionary / inventory, but until then using gallicus will not bring up any matching names when you enter an observation and no links or 'related observations' will appear on the observation page. It is not in the current version of the inventory - try searching for it on NBN Gateway.

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As you say: Not known to NHM

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They also have this statement:
"The currently recognised scientific name for a species as recommended by the Natural History Museum and the National Biodiversity Network for use in the UK (in a few cases, this may differ from the name used in other countries)."

However, in the present case I suppose they have not evaluated the opinion expressed by FRANK-THORSTEN KRELL in his 2012 publication?

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I am sure if you inform the

I am sure if you inform the team through the NBN Species Dictionary Forum Chris will see that the name is added to the next update.

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Thanks for your advice

I will do that