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Location error

I set the location point directly on the right spot (using the satellite image), but the map insisted on moving it a few miles to a previously-used location in Sawtry village.
Is this a known issue?



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Location title

Did you change the location title after using the map? That could change your coordinates to a previous mapped location, but you should be warned of the option.

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No -

It just seemed to want me to use that location. I'd used the map, switched to satellite view, and searched for Sawtry to get my bearings. Then I moved the map around till I found the location I wanted, but it kept going back to Sawtry (already used in other observations).

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Ok Thanks - not a problem I have encountered: sorry

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There is...

... a problem with the map noted on other threads, sounds like this could be the same thing.

Are you using the map on maximum zoom? If so try coming back one click and see if it still does it.



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I'll try that -

Although the opportunity may not present itself for a while.

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There's a button ...

... that you have to press to tell it you want to use the location selected on the map, rather than the location you gave it to bring up the correct bit of the map.