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Poplar Hawkmoth

Observed: 15th July 2013 By: PamelaPamela’s reputation in InvertebratesPamela’s reputation in InvertebratesPamela’s reputation in Invertebrates
IMG_4665 Poplar Hawlmoth
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A beautiful moth - Best to add the Scientific name

Looks like you've missed out the scientific name here, you can add it in using the 'Edit' tab and the 'Get Recommended' button.

iSpot Project Officer

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re scientific name

I tried that again - doesn't bring up the scientific name for this Hawkmoth ??

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Pamela - use a hyphen

If you type in the common name, and use "hawk-moth", not "hawkmoth", it should work.
Unfortunately, you can't edit or delete a previous attempt. How I wish you could!

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re id

Thanks a mill for the tip - couldn't think why a big one like these could be soo hard :(

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The trick when entering a common name

Is to look for iSpot offering you an auto-complete list. If it doesn't, then it's very likely that you need to put in/remove spaces or hyphens. You also run into grammatical conundrums - should Cardamine pratensis be "Lady's" or "Ladies", and should there be an inverted comma? You just have to try the options till you see a match appear!

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Why did you not let Pamela

Try again?