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Dead frog

Observed: 21st May 2010 By: this is regina

How did this dead frog get up there? It had no head!!! ewww

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You could well be right common tree frog introduced in to this country 30-40 + years ago, BUT their are many thing that predat on frogs, from Heron - Fox If frog already dead Carrion crow etc.


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Frogs in trees -

Especially dead ones, are probably a heron/fox/crow kill. At this time of year adults may not be aquatic, may be hunting in grass. Either a crow killed it, or found the corpse and carried it aloft for a little privacy.

Either that, or the grey squirrels have upped their game!

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Bones in squirrels dreys

Well I did hear a story at a wild life meeting some weeks ago, that bones have been found in squirrels dreys. But was it the squirrels that put them their?


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Squirrels eating frogs?

Well, they are very resourceful and bold, I wouldn't put it past the little beggars.

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squirrels eat animals

A friend has witnessed a squirrel meeting one of her pet turtle and thought it was lovely until the squirrel decided to bite the turtles head off at once!

I'm not sure about squirrels :/

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This could not be a tree frog as they are less than 5cm in length. How it got there, I agree it was probably a corvid prey that was left for some reason.

Graham Banwell

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