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Help with grass I.D.

Observed: 14th July 2013 By: Eriophorum

Grass recorded within semi-improved grassland in Liverpool. Soil is sandy with wild carrot growing. Other grasses nearby were false oat grass, common bent, red fescue, cocksfoot, Yorkshire fog. This grass was 50-75cm high. Could it just be a flowering/post-flowering bent? Looked a lot different than all the other bents I was looking at.


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Hello, This looks very

This looks very unusual. Is there any chance it has been planted? Is it a perannual? The spikelets have one floret so it may well be a bent. Have you managed to identify it since? I would be happy to help if you can send a specimen.
Best Wishes

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looks like agrostis with

looks like agrostis with ergot

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Thanks, I didn't think about

Thanks, I didn't think about that!