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Common or Smoky Wainscot?

Observed: 13th July 2013 By: ryjocl93ryjocl93’s reputation in Invertebratesryjocl93’s reputation in Invertebratesryjocl93’s reputation in Invertebrates
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good record!

This looks like Obscure Wainscot to me. You're not that far from streams and ponds that may have Phragmites, and it's not unknown for wetland moths to disperse widely when the weather is hot.

Not sure how widespread it is in Bucks, but in Berks it is quite scarce and mostly found in wetland sites, with the occasional record from gardens.

Never found it myself though!

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Hi Martin

Hi Martin,

I sent the picture to the other Martin and he confirmed that it is an obscure wainscot and is the 6th recent record for this species in Bucks.

Overall a nice find I think!



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In my area (Greenford, Middlesex) on sites where there has been trapping since the 1960s with no records of this moth we started catching Obscure Wainscot in the reedbeds in 2010 (I think that specimen is on iSpot somewhere) and have had it every year since.

The last session in early July (on a different but nearby site to the long recorded one) in a reedbed we got about 30 of these over three traps, and another 5 or so on a different site.

Obviously not a lot of data but I wonder if this species is expanding?

David Howdon