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Which Beauty

Observed: 7th July 2013 By: snjstuartsnjstuart’s reputation in Invertebrates
Which Beauty

aha....thank this one a willow beauty too?

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The dark patch on the forewing is in the centre of the forewing on an engrailed but is in the middle of the trailing edge on GOB which is clearly shown in the photo.
Lastly, the photo clearly shows large feathered antennae which engrailed does not have.
If the size was given we wouldn't be having this discussion(?)

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Hi DD,You make 2 very good

Hi DD,

You make 2 very good points there in relation to the darkest markings being at the trailing edge of the forewings and the absence of heavily feathered (male) antennae. Colouration and starkly contrasting (Engrailed like) colouration have probably resulted in me making a poor ID- not for the first time. Was in the process of convincing myself we were dealing with an Engrailed when your GOB ID went up. Maybe I was too swift to post.

The overall drabness of the GOB illustrations in WTL in comparison to the clean virtually white backround colours such as in many Engrailed, which is what I have seen on the actual moths made me dubious about your ID but I take your points and can see the detail as you describe. Hopefully there is more feedback but at this stage I dont think its Willow Beauty or Engrailed and GOB looks highly likely. The moth is superficially like Engrailed I have snapped before but the detail you mention is wrong for that species, regardless of the detail that I saw as good for it, eg the brownish lines to the posterior side of the stark black lines.

Enough already from me, size would be very useful snjstuart or a from above image?


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Sorry for delay, I'm new to

Sorry for delay, I'm new to the site so still working out how to use it. Only just realised comments were way down the page!

Because I'm new (only two trappings so far) I hadn't realised just how important it was to note the size. I have since realised (once I sat down with my book!) so that won't happen again. However it wasn't small. From memory (and judging by the brick) it was similar size to the peppereds we were catching, as at first I thought it was one of those. Will trawl through the photos and look at the wall we put it on, and see if I can work it out!

Thanks so much for help, I am reading and noting all the ID tips.

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Slightly different photo and measurements

I've put them here

I wasn't sure if I should add them to original post or start again :-/
Often people don't come back to old threads, that's why I made a new one. Please tell me if it would have been better to continue here? Still learning how to use the site.

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Hi snjstuart, It wont do any

Hi snjstuart,

It wont do any harm at all putting it up afresh. I dont think there is anything in the iSpot etiquette to discourage it. It might just bring it to the attention of a few more users.


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Thanks :-)

Thanks :-)