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I'm a bit puzzled by these, so I'd appreciate some id help. I'm assuming they're freshly emerged adult ladybirds, but that the colour hasn't matured yet. My understanding that ladybirds emerge full-size following pupa stage, which would make these very small (second image provides scale against ox-eye daisy) - perhaps 2-3mm. I'm also assuming the darkest areas will become black spots, and there seem to be eight each side, so possibly a 16-spot, which would be right for the size. However there are some darker orange patches which I assume are the cream patches maturing, which would rull out 16-spot. If it weren't for the size I'd suggest harlequin. Any ideas welcomed.

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Thanks Chris, I guess I

Thanks Chris, I guess I should learn that if I can't make something fit, that's probably because I'm fitting it against the wrong thing.

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