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ø;bat rescue

Observed: 12th July 2013 By: john byrom

Rescued the bat from a barrel of water last night, after a night of rest and recouperation it has just flown off into the night to eat its fair share of midges!!

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welcome to ispot dude!

welcome to ispot dude! It could be a common pip or a soprano pip (basically the same but has higher pitched calls) when you're not exactly sure what species something is (like now 'coz you haven't got pic of wing pattern / echolocation recording) you can just record as Pipistrellus Sp. (species).... There are also things called Nathusias pipistrelles in pembs- check through my spots to, find the bat pic and see how much debate it generated amongst bat experts!
Enjoy the weekend!

Discovery Ranger Tom

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also in your pic you can see

also in your pic you can see tiny white mites- did you see them? bats tend to be crawling with them!

Discovery Ranger Tom

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Most likely a 45khz or common pip

55khz/Soprano pips tend to have pinker faces and Nathusius tends to have 'shaggier' fur as well as a slightly different wing pattern as well as being much rarer.