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Cultivated shrub

Observed: 11th July 2013 By: Caro2812Caro2812’s reputation in PlantsCaro2812’s reputation in Plants
shrub along fence
red leave margins
flower structure

shrub/bush of about 1m height found in garden, possible escape from neighbour. Red leave margins, red stems and points at tip of leave. Flowers in what looks at first like an umbel, but on closer inspection maybe not quite. Ovary inferior.

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When counting leaf veins doesn't work

There is a variegated cultivar of Cornus alba which if you count leaf veins comes out as Cornus sanguinea. This was brought home to me when I saw one with reverted shoots - the unvariegated leaves were typical alba/sericea, including with more veins.

It would appear that the reduced vigour of the variegated plant makes its leaves mimic those of Cornus sanguinea.