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Berry tree

Observed: 30th June 2013 By: Sunshineydays

NEED HELP IDENTIFYING THIS TREE - Medium to large tree, slim truck and branches, sharp edges, grey uneven bark, small leaves very similar to a pin oak. summer green leaves, then leaves change to autumn colours then white blossoms almost like a hawthorn then clumps of green berries come and the leaves all drop off and berries turn to red. Berries are just like hawthorn berries but leaves are nothing like a hawthorn tree.

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There is ...

..., which is likely a better bet for observations from the Eastern Cape.

"Berries just like hawthorn berries" would suggest another species of Crataegus, but your concept of "just like" may be different from someone else's concept of "just like". I don't know of a Crataegus which has leaves like (with a similar outline to?) pin oak, but there are 200, or perhaps many more, species (North American Crataegus is an apomictic complex), some with more lobed leaves that Crataegus monogyna, such as Crataegus laevigata or Crataegus marshallii. Try a web image search for Crataegus leaves.

Most temperate zone trees that flowers before the leaves are wind-pollinated (e.g. Salix), but there are a few insect-pollinated trees that do the same (e.g. some species of Prunus). However this phenological pattern is, if I understand correctly, more commonly associated with trees from the tropical summer rain climate. On the other hand the leaf shape suggests a temperate plant.

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closeup please

Do you have a closeup of the flowers and or leaves??