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Not a good photo im afraid, but shows the Orange body and Black spots on the wings. May be enough to ID it from?

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Palloptera quinquemaculata??

Thanks for your ID Martin. I have since received another ID, Minettia inusta, what do you think? Is there anyway of telling them apart? They look very similar!

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There are a number of small differences between Pallopteridae and Lauxaniidae, to do with the exact number of bristles on the head, the presence or absence of an apical bristle on the tibiae, and the presence or absence of a small 'break' or narrowing in the costal vein.

Unfortunately none of these can be seen clearly in your photo, but even so I am confident that this is Palloptera quinquemaculata (having checked it again against specimens of both species):
- it is a bit narrower in body shape that Minettia
- it is a bit brighter orange than Minettia
- it has more and blacker spots on the wings than Minettia (look especially at the small spots/darkened veins nearest the thorax)

Unsurprisingly there seem to be a number of mis-identified images of Palloptera/Minettia on the web, but this one looks to me to be a clear example of Palloptera:

while this is Minettia:

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Martin thanks for the info mate, very helpful.