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Observed: 11th July 2013 By: StillWalks

Saw this in my studio yesterday. Larger than a wasp with huge eyes and a horn at the front and yellow and black striped body.

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Looks like it could well be Tabanus sudeticus, but would need a size measurement and clear view of the abdomen to confirm.

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I guess I have never had the opportunity to photograph one up close before but I always thought of them as smaller than this. This seemed and sounded like a monster to me but that could be because it was in my studio and not out in the field.

The size was approximately 2 - 2.5 cms with a low buzz like a large bumble bee.

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Little so and so's. Pestered

Little so and so's. Pestered me throughout my summer fieldwork and given me a fair few bites. I don't really advocate killing anything but they are a pain.