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New Zealand Daisy Bush

Observed: 11th July 2013 By: PeachystevePeachysteve’s reputation in PlantsPeachysteve’s reputation in PlantsPeachysteve’s reputation in PlantsPeachysteve’s reputation in PlantsPeachysteve’s reputation in Plants

Spotted this white flowering bush while walking on the tops. I thought I might find some butterflies there so headed for it then realised I had no idea what it was. A holly bush with daisy like flowers (and no butterflies).
Popped daisy flowers holly leaves into google images and this is what came up.
Supposedly a seaside plant but I'm very far from the sea.

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Great findings! how dod it

Great findings! how dod it get there?

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How indeed

It's in a sea of vaccinium myrtillus and quite inaccessible. My legs are pretty scratched up from getting to it. Could it be spread by birds?

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I would have thought the seed

I would have thought the seed are wind-dispersed... are there seedlings around it too, or is it just the one?

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Only one

I only saw this one. The bilberry is quite thick ground cover around it. I didn't see any others growing up through it.

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Olearia macrodonta

It does seem unusual to see this plant thriving away from it's normal seaside environment. It is listed in Stace as naturalized in some parts of the UK. Being a shrubby Composite I would guess too that the seeds are dispersed by wind.
It makes quite a large shrub in time.In W.J. Bean 'Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles he states that it is "one of the finest Olearias,almost hardy".

David J Trevan

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It is definitely worth

It is definitely worth sending this record to your local vc recorder!