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Soldier sailor - click

Observed: 10th July 2013 By: dejayM
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Soldier beetle - yes (probably!); but which one.
A delightful pictorial adventure here
A useful Key (with some annotations by a one Martin Harvey) here
And the best I can do -
Podabrus pruinosus but this does NOT occur in the UK!
So, the next best thing is Cantharis fusca based on other iSpots, none of which look mine!
CORE EDIT - just a few tiny words corrected.

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a click beetle

This is actually one of the Elateridae - click beetles - Denticollis linearis. It's variable in colour - I tend to only see the all orange-brown form. See for the two colour forms.

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Nice Charlieb; I'll check it out tomorrow but I see NBN has no records for Orkney.
Later - yes thanks.
I've done some reading..
What an amazing thing - differences!
I was inspired, reading here . But I was looking for something learnéd about colour difference.
Thanks again.

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Well dejay you had me

Well dejay you had me intrigued with this observation, so I was all over the internet looking at different Cantharidae, with no real luck. Then by chance I saw this,, but I got back here to find a more knowledgeable ispotter had already identified the beetle. Still the Polish beetle site is an interesting discovery, and I've learnt that not all beetles of this shape and colour are Soldier Beetles.

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all's well...

Yes... I know what it's like to be triumphant like this, to find that someone had beaten me to it! It's the trying to be absolutely certain that gets you in the end. But well done Steve.

I spent well over an hour formatting the post, probably two hours in the Web-dungeon and 33 seconds in Chinery!
What I have yet to fathom is why the various Cantharidae are so obviously that and why 'mine' is now so obviously a click!
Hat's off the to those who know!
Never mind, all's well that ends well.

moremoth - I see you been here (thanks). Leave the traps alone for awhile and spend a few hours here!
It's summer, warm and, well, it'd be a seaside visit!

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Glad to be of service :-)

It's more of a general look - I can't remember off the top of my head what differentiates Elaterids from Cantharids. For me, in particular, the shape of the pronotum gives it away (with the backward facing points).

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Yes, I see those now.
Good photos then.
Now turns out to be the first record for Orkney.
Now take a look here please