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Leaf-cutter Bee

Observed: 9th July 2013 By: paulmasters9paulmasters9’s reputation in Invertebrates

These bees are investigating holes (holes for recessed screws) underneath a wooden garden table, in previous years I have seen them carrying pieces of leaf into these holes to build nests and no doubt they will be doing the same soon. I've seen at least three individuals in the past few days and the ones I've photographed all appear to be males - perhaps prospecting nesting sites?

    Likely ID
    Leaf-cutter Bee (Megachile sp.)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Male leafcutter ID

I'm afraid that you'll be unlikely to get a species level ID, even with such excellent photos.

Male wilughbiella has flattened pale fore legs, there are a couple of others that share this feature maritime and circumcincta.

Your beast is one of the following ligneseca, vesicular or centuncularis, you'll need a specimen to sort these out.

British Wildlife published a very good key way back in 1999, but you'll need specimens and a microcope to sort most out.

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Many thanks for - at least it

Many thanks for - at least it narrows it down a bit!