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Runner bean muncher

Observed: 9th July 2013 By: alisauros
Runner Bean Attack!

Some small bug is devouring my bean leaves from the bottom up. Is this the culprit? I can't see any caterpillars although the way the leaves are being chomped, the damage looks like caterpillar attack. In the end there is no leaf left. Last year my entire bean crop was completely vaporised by these invisible pests, can anyone identify the cause and suggest a remedy? Thanks!

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Slugs are easily controlled

By the use of beer traps (buy them from most garden supplies places or on-line). Don't use slug bait, which can be fatal to small mammals like hedgehogs. (Some claim to be safe, I really don't know).
The beer trap is quick, effective, and can easily be relocated every couple of nights. The only down-side is that you need to open a beer to put some in the trap, then you have most of the bottle/can left over: what a quandary to know what to do with it on a warm summer evening!
Oh, and empty the traps religiously every morning. Dead slug in stale beer becomes unpleasant fairly quickly...