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Bees behaviour i've not seen before

When i was in my garden 2 days ago ,i noticed ,what looked like small
honey bees ,coming in and out of a drill hole in a brick wall ..
there wasn't any sign of bees within the confines of the wall ,,so they must have been within the small cavity in between the bricks themselves.

I thought no more of it ,though i felt it was quite a small area to have a nest at the begining of the summer,,next day i noticed a bee working on something at the hole entrance.
Now a day later (our hottest day/weekend so far this year) the hole
is completely sealed with quite a tough material,almost matching in colour the mortar that it is surrounded by ....and no sign of the bees.
I'm intrigued by this so i thought this could be the best place to mention it to u all ,chris



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mason bees

That sounds like a very good description of the behaviour of mason bees, such as the Red Mason Bee Osmia rufa.

Lots more information and photos here:


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Thanks kitenet , I recognised them as soon as
i saw their photo .So now i've had them I.D'd I now know their lifecycle and can look forward to the emergence of the offspring next year..
thankyou again ,kitenet

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Osmia info

There is a useful information sheet on Osmia rufa available on the homepage of the website of BWARS,

Chairman BWARS