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Mammal paw print

Observed: 8th July 2013 By: Emma1678
Pond 19 unidentified paw print

Not sure of size as was taken by a colleague.


No identification made yet.

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Please could someone

Please could someone indentify this?

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I'm sorry, there is so little it is hardly recognisable as a print.

There appear to be two toes, possibly three. Therefore, it could be anything from a deer to a dog, especially - as you recognise, without a scale. Sometimes when running four/five toed animals will only show two or three toes as they run on their tip toes.

The only thing I can say is the prints were made when the mud was very soft (deep and the toes are splayed apart) and the animal was running in the direction away from the camera (deepest on the side away from the camera).

Do you have any other pictures, preferably ones which show more than one print so we can see the animal's gait? and/or give some context, i.e. was this on a river bank, in a field etc?

Graham Banwell

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