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Psyche casta ?

Observed: 30th June 2013 By: jurassicphiljurassicphil’s reputation in Invertebratesjurassicphil’s reputation in Invertebratesjurassicphil’s reputation in Invertebratesjurassicphil’s reputation in Invertebrates
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This case bearer was emerging from its case, next to the back door. This is the first one i've seen still on its case.
I believe it to be Psyche casta

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This does look right for Psyche, and is therefore almost certain to be Psyche casta, but from the photo I don't think I can rule out Psyche crassiorella. P. crassiorella is now thought to be extinct in the UK, so it's very unlikely to be that, but if we completely rule out the possibility that will guarantee we never find it again!

Knowing the size and having a clear view of the antennae would help confirm it, but the overwhelming likelihood is that it is P. casta.

Great to see this - I've never encountered the adult moth before, only the larval cases. Females are wingless.

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Hi Martin

I have some other photos of this one, i could attach if needed, this was the first time i've seen a moth coming out of the case.