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Teneral Damselfly

Observed: 7th July 2013 By: pen-y-bont_mikepen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Invertebratespen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Invertebratespen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Invertebratespen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Invertebrates

My ID is very tentative and is based mostly on the shape and location of the markings on the thorax rather than the colours (which, nevertheless I believe are consistent with immature males of the species) on what appears to be a very fresh specimen.
I am intrigued by the "swelling" under abdominal section 2. I would have assumed it was to do with the sex organs but it appears to show on a photograph of a female on the British Dragonfly Society site which I assume has been correctly identified. Any information would be appreciated.

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The markings on the side of the thorax indicate it might be blue-tailed, but that's a tentative ID. No sign of 2 coloured pterostigma though. I would have thought the swelling under S2 indicates it is a male.

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Thanks for the comment.

The pterostigma were just one of the things which concerned me. If it is a Blue-tailed the inconsistency may be explained by the freshness of the specimen. There was no colour (apart from the very pale brown/fawn common in new damselflies) visible on the body or wings at all to the naked eye and I was quite surprised at what my macro lens had picked up when I saw the photos!