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Marine mystery

Observed: 1st July 2013 By: Sarah West
OPAL Community ScientistYorkshire Naturalists' Union
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Marine mystery
Marine mystery 2
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where on the foreshore...

.did you find this? you may well be right and you might want to move this to the invertebates section to get better help. Looks like an ascidian to me. Normally the star ascidian is quite well defined but there are always exceptions.

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a star

You were up late Graham!
Yes, I'd say Star Ascidian (Botryllus schlosseri) in one of its 'cunning' (forming/dying/damaged)forms.
I have posted a few, many without the lovely diagnostic star seen in this one.
for some discussion.
Like Graham says, go to Edit and change this to
Habitat observed in: Marine.

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Thank you both! It was around

Thank you both! It was around the midshore.
Sorry for the slow reply, I've not had time to visit iSpot recently.

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber

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You're welcome.
Do edit the group to Invertebrates though.