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Slimy stuff in pond (added via Android)

Observed: 7th July 2013 By: nathdcfcnathdcfc’s reputation in Plantsnathdcfc’s reputation in Plants
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green slime has started to develop in new pond. anyone know what this indicates?

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This is algae, presumably one of the green algae although they don't always look very green. As to what it indicates, well it always happens in ponds at this time year when the water temperature starts to rise, so I suppose it indicates that summer is here at last! It's quite easy to drag out of the pond if you don't like it but make sure you leave it at the edge of the pond for a few hours so that any water animals you've raked up by mistake can wriggle back into the water.

Bob Ford

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definitely alga..

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I think it's a safe bet, well worth my support. See mine, as an Alga,

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Thanks ðerek

I was down at East India Dock Basin yesterday - there is lots of pond slime at the moment. Would you like me to get some out and photograph it? There is no chance of me getting it under a microscope though. I think they describe it as a salt-marsh,


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You can make a stand for Alga, if you've time.
Post up some green slime WITH an ID (maybe only Chlorophyta) , allow it to Group as a Plant.
Edit the post afterwards and change the Group to Other Organisms - it IS.
Indeed you could change this post now but it may lose its Likely Banner.
I will agree and might make it Likely (and give you an Icon). - Likely will be the issue as you have no reptation in Other Organisms
I am making a plea to Admin at this very moment that more than a few would like to see Alga in the Species Browser. We hope that Invertologists (my word) won't get upset about the 'all-the-way-from insects to jellyfish' issue!
Small beginning I say to Admin - Algae will be easy,

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OK ðerek - there never will be enough time

But this may be easier than my task of trying to identify the SA lichens.
I'll see what I can do -
Already thinking of how I'm going to get close to the water at East India Dock. But there is also another site at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park with a pond.
I'll do my best - taking me back to my childhood and learning about Spirogyra at school botany classes.