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Sea Milkwort

Observed: 5th July 2013 By: dejayM
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flower spike
perfect speckles
buds n leaves

I was dreading typing in Glaux after reading this
What a delight. Small (tiny really), perfect little flowers in the very salty zone (halophytic).
Dense patches - a thymus lookalike from a distance. PENCE is 9mm.
A lovely monograph here
Indeed a fantastic Finnish Site - go there to listen to birds.
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See comment about name

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links and names

The usual ID links are missing - could this be because I missed the hyphen in Sea-Milkwort or Sea milkwort or Sea Milk-wort!?

Link to Wikki

EOL is interesting because it gives the synonyms and the preferred name as Lysimachia maritima and shows preference for Sea MilkWEED.

NBN much prefers Lysimachia maritima

Can someone say the highest Authority for the correct name please?

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There is no highest authority for plant names

There are nomenclatural rules which limit which names are available for use (not that that stops people using other names). But there is no authority which says how you should classify plants.

The BSBI has adopted the 3rd edn of Stace for plant names (and taxonomic boundaries). This doesn't take up the latest views on every group.

The NBN has taking up later names in some cases, but in other cases are behind Stace. (For example it's been known for 15 years that Lavatera arborea should be transferred to Malva - though the correct name wasn't clarified until I looked into the matter in 2008. Stace has not only taken this up, but has followed the recent trend of grasping the nettle and sinking the whole of Lavatera into Malva.)

I glanced at the phylogenetic literature, and there seems to be a good case for sinking Glaux (and Anagallis) into Lysimachia.

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quick response

Thanks - this sort of quick response is what keeps me interested and makes me work harder to try to get it right.
So I may put up a new ID tomorrow Lysimachia maritima. ha!

Now go here for a few hours! So few agreements!

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See also comment at:

Entomologist and biological recorder

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no change

Daren't change the ID to Lysimachia maritima, thinking of the powerful agree-ers!
Thanks though!
Added this later -
" can type in "Glaux maritima" as the scientific name, and as long as you DON'T then click on "Get recommended" before saving your identification it will remain as Glaux maritima (but you won't necessarily see all the links that appear when a recommended name is used)." Martin Harvey (thanks)