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Landed on camping chair (added via Android)

Observed: 6th July 2013 By: jmr687
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obviously some kind of beetle but would appreciate some clever clogs telling me what it is

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NOT wanting to be the clever clogs.....but if you have not seen one of this bugs theShieldbug is one of 42 or so of British species over aprox 4 families many of which live on a unique plant host although some have alternative hosts EG Birch SB , Gorse SB , Hawthorn SB. Sloe SB etc They have a distive scutellar shield and are known by the americans as Stinkbugs ( but I dont think they do :-) ) > they are good indciator species of other planst and conditions in the environment. they are similar to the Squashbugs ( Coreidae) in so much as they are Phytophagous but 3 Sheildbug Species can suck on larval insect juices and are predatory



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Me not clever clogs either...

I think what WLR is hinting at is that it's a 'True Bug' with pointed sucking mouth parts (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) and not a beetle (Coleoptera) which has normal biting jaws. A different type of insect.