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Geranium leaves

Observed: 6th July 2013 By: PatrickroperInvertebrates expert

Can anyone suggest which invertebrate might have made the sausage-shaped holes in these cultivated Geranium sp. leaves? We have many similar Geraniums in the garden, but only this one has leaves fretted in this very distinctive way.


No identification made yet.

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The obvious thought

Is leaf-cutter bees, but the fact that the damage is not peripheral is odd: your iSpot status suggests you have dismissed them as the culprits.
I have seen Bloody Cranes-bill flowers similarly "perforated", up on Tees-side.

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If you have not already done

If you have not already done so, check leaves for larvae - this looks like the feeding evidence of the geranium sawfly (Protoemphytus carpini, I think). No idea about when the larvae pupate but thye might still be around.

Robert Homan