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Observed: 21st November 2003 By: RoseJonesRoseJones’s reputation in Plants
UP 2003.11, CdAl autumn daisies

These are described as "margaritas" by locals, which translates as daisies...but I don't believe that's right.

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The plants are ...

... Asteraceae (the daisy, or aster, or sunflower, or composite family) and may well be Anthemideae (which is the tribe that includes Bellis perennis - the common lawn daisy - as well as ox eye and Shasta daisies).

They don't look like a species native or naturalised in Britain.

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Bidens Aurea

No, I had looked carefully at asteraceae and concluded that they weren't a match; the 5 petals rather than multiple and the arrow-head leaves not being found in that family. Another ispotter suggested Bidens Aurea, also known as Spanish Needle and now I've looked I'm convinced.

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Technically ...

... that's 5 ray florets, rather than 5 petals. There are a few composites with 5 ray florets - the other one that comes to mind is Galinsoga, two species of which are naturalised in Britain.

Mycelis muralis has 5 florets in total - it's part of a group with only ligulate (ray) florets, and it's cut the number down to 5.