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Wildflowers or companion planting?

Observed: 5th July 2013 By: EsklingEskling’s reputation in PlantsEskling’s reputation in PlantsEskling’s reputation in PlantsEskling’s reputation in Plants
Wildflowers or companion planting?
  Lupin relative?

Pea-like flowers, mostly white with a hint of purple. Wheels of 7 or 8 narrow leaflets, similar to lupin. Appear to have been sown deliberately along with crop.

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Today I saw ...

... a couple of fields planted with a mixtures of Pisum and Avena. I presume that these were intended as fodder crops, with the Pisum also adding nitrogen to the soil. (IIRC, one of these field was planted in barley last year, so in the case it can't be the case that one of the species represents volunteers from the previous years crop.)

There are "sweet lupin" varieties which are less bitter and toxic than the usual "bitter lupins". These are grown as fodder crops and green manures - if I recall correctly they have also been used as an oil seed crop.

It would be unusual to grow wheat as a fodder crop, so I wondering if in your case they are volunteers from the previous year's crop.

It could be a companion planting, for nitrogen-fixing purposes, but that requires that there is a means of separating the wheat seed from the lupin pods/seeds.

My best guess at the species is Lupinus albus, but there are nearly 300 species, of which sort of know two, so my guess isn't worth all that much.

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Interesting number of possibe uses

I did consider fodder/nitrogen fixing but didn't get as far as thinking about separating seeds!