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Nesting Coal Tits

Observed: 9th June 2013 By: NaturlichNaturlich’s reputation in BirdsNaturlich’s reputation in Birds
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at the risk of pedantry...

Coal as in the black stuff underground
not Cole. Just wonder how ispot got a scientific name...perhaps I have it all wrong?

Lovely to have them nesting though :)

Feel free to look at my ongoing (hopefully improving) collection of pictures on Flickr:

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Funny about the name, I've

Funny about the name, I've seen it both ways, but always thought that Cole was correct, though the RSPB site says Coal.. headache!!

You have a nice collection on Flickr there Mac, I need to get out more really, most of my images are from my mothers garden when I go visit her, especially bees right now since I'm fighting some planning permission that will build over a field to the rear of mothers garden and surely decimate our amazing bee colonies, so far I've recorded 8 bumble bee species, 2 Solitary, honey bees and miner bees and a massive and varied tit population. Fingers crossed I can stop them on conservation grounds!

But keep up the good work m8, I love your images and the diversity, nice work :)

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Thanks & Good luck

Firstly thanks for the nice comments, unfortunately (or fortunately) I get out infrequently as I have two very young and spectacularly great daughters. Gardens are fantastic places to take picture that we probably overlook too often.

As for the Bees I wonder if BWARS ( could offer any advice? Good luck with that.


Feel free to look at my ongoing (hopefully improving) collection of pictures on Flickr:

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it's pretty hard work...

...stopping people ruining fields at the back of your area. Doing the same here and half way through a village green application. Have you thought about applying for this? if you need info let me know

always worth a try - I can give you pointers. I've always known these guys as Coal etc.

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Hey gramandy problem is the

Hey gramandy

problem is the land used to be owned by the council and was a rec. area, they sold it some years back (for 99p!) to New Charter Housing, and the first thing they did was block the 2 paths to the field and close it. So since it's now private land I don't think (?) I can do that. But the did make a big mistake on the Ecology Study they undertook, it was done in March, thats a month outside the recommended period on a normal year, but it's widely known that this year wildlife is way behind, and even then the only thing they covered was Bats, saying there are none, well there wasn't at that time of year, every year we have bats feeding over the field and gardens surrounding it and they are all out there now! And the other thing covered was trees. No mention of bees, which thankfully has been more in the news again recently. So I'll fight as best and can on Biro-Diversity and conservation and fingers crossed..

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ps, I'll change the ID to

ps, I'll change the ID to Coal lol :)