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Observed: 5th July 2013 By: Carl Welsby

Please can anyone identify this plant. It is common in my garden and allotment. It's a herbaceous perennial, growing from what I would describe as a rosette. It is shallow rooted when young, tougher to pull when older. Roots are best described as fibrous. The small pink/lilac flowers are born on (not always) red stems. Leaves are opposite as you see. Seed pods are long and slim and peel open to reveal seeds borne on downy fluff. It self seeds profusely.

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This is common in my garden too! Have a look to see if you can see the 4-lobed stigma in the centre of the flower (have a look at some of the other images).

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Broad leaved willowherb identified for me

Thanks so much guys. I've tried to find this in my various wild flower books but must have missed it, but you nailed it in 30 secs. It's def this plant looking at others' postings.

Many thanks!