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Dragonflies (including possible Norfolk Hawker)

Observed: 5th July 2013 By: NorfolkGregNorfolkGreg’s reputation in InvertebratesNorfolkGreg’s reputation in Invertebrates

A warm sunny morning. A number of dragonflies continually swooping low over the water and sometimes circling up to twelve ft above a lake in a small area over lilies. None were seen to land in the fifteen minutes of the observation although there are iris and grass on the bank nearby. In addition to those in this collection there was also at least one iridescent blue dragonfly present of similar size (2.5-3" in length), but I was only concerned to see if there were Norfolk Hawkers present. In addition to the dragonflies there were many Common Blue Damselflies present, generally flying lower and settling on the lily leaves.

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ID comment

The other dragonfly in image 1 and the one in images 2 and 3 is a female Emperor Dragonfly.

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Emporer Dragonflies

Thanks for your comment and excellent site. I took a look there for Emperor Dragonflies and it leads me to believe that the dragonfly I described as "blue iridescent" could have a male Emperor.

Thanks again!