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Lost context

I've been browsing through observations. Starting from a thumbnail gallery I go to an observation and then use the previous/next buttons. Most of the time it's no problem: I can look at the observation and comments and add my agreement.

However, if I make a comment and submit it and then use the back button on the browser to return to the observation, the previous/next buttons are missing. The context of the page has been lost. It can take a while before I can "find the place" again.

I've noticed this in several other scenarios too.

It might be difficult to sort this but perhaps some consideration could be given to avoiding the problems in any update to iSpot.




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Me too:

I've noticed this a number of times, couldn't think how to describe it.

There are many situations where the iSpot "chain" seems to break down, and I end up going back to Observations: Browse Observations (at least the filter remains firmly in place, thank you) and have to page down to find where I was.

Another reason why I don't often use the "next" buttons. (Visibility of Comments being the main one.)

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