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vars missed out

I've found a particular problem with a sea-anemone that comes in 5 well established forms called vars ,eg Sagartia elegans , var rosacea ;that although they get a likely ID they won't be included in the species dictionary.[As Dejay pointed out below this link is now moved to ]



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missing vars

Hi Chris,

As far as I can see these vars are not included in the UK Species Inventory (UKSI):

and the MARLIN system maps them as one species, although it also lists the varieties in the species account:

So I think there are two options:

  • Option 1: type the name in with the variety name included, as you have done in the example above - this works in terms of giving the name and getting agreements/Likely IDs, but as you say means that the other links won't be there, and also the data associated with the observation will probably not get picked up by the MARLIN recording scheme
  • Option 2: give the ID as Sagartia elegans WITHOUT the variety name, and then add the variety in the comments box associated with the ID. This will enable the species to link to the hierarchy etc.

Personally I would use option 2.

If you think there is a case to be made for the inclusion of the variety names in the UKSI then that case can be put to them, but UKSI would probably need to agreed any such change with other marine taxon databases such as WoRMS:

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Many thanks for your advice,

Many thanks for your advice, Martin

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Chris, I was trying to follow this but your link is broken. Have you simply deleted it?
Maybe reposted?
I dare say you knew that MSIP recognises Sagartia elegans , var rosEA (and four other vars) here
and in Marlin as Martin wrote.

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My Apologies Dejay but I did think it better in this case to repost these so they'd appear in the 'observations in the species' list, & in the way Martin suggested. There were only 2 small comments & 2 or 3 agreements, & I did actually check putting the then Ispot numbers in the search box, eg putting in 347323 gets, & putting in 4286 gets back here to Martin Harvey's comment; but oddly putting 345648 won't do the same.
As you say these Vars are well recognized,in Collins guide etc. Rosea is now at & they're all at

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Thanks Chris. As you see I have added my pennyworth here
And I now begin to understand why 'Other Observations' are so important for continuity of ID and why contributing to this thread is also important for general continuity, if not completeness.

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Yes, I'd go with option #2.

Yes, I'd go with option #2. There's no reason why we wouldn't add varieties but we use the WoRMS checklist to guide our marine lists and the up and coming MSBIAS marine list (20,000+ taxa long!) is an extract of WoRMS so the consensus seems to be that the marine recorders go with whatever WoRMS uses :)