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Puple and bright red moth

Observed: 3rd July 2013 By: chloe.sullivan
purple and bright red spotted moth

I spoted two moth like this around 4 meters apart in long grass near my house on the outskirts of greater London.

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Species with which Burnet Moth (Zygaena lonicerae) interacts


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I'm not sure where the debate stands

About telling the two 5-Spot species apart from a picture of an adult.
If you look at other posts of this and Zygaena trifolii, you may learn a bit more - I've lost track, I'm afraid.

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The debate rages on! This is

The debate rages on! This is more likely to be a Narrow-bordered 5 spot (Z.lonicerae) which has a variety of potential foodplants. The 5 spot Burnet (Z.trifolii) is much more specialised in its habitat requirements as I understand.

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Debate ...

... is probably better held where there are invertebrates experts so perhaps edit the post to move it to invertebrates.