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Pictures taken by a friend of mine on a recent trip to the island of Svalbard in the Arctic region of Norway

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Just read that this is a small subspecies which is unique to the Svalbard area.

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Short legs

When I was in Svalbard we had an interesting discussion about why the shorter legs have evolved - we decided that the pickings are so poor (lichen for much of the year) that the reindeer don't get enough nutrition to grow longer legs but this isn't a disadvantage because there are no wolves that they need longer legs to run away from (polar bears rarely hunt reindeer).

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These are the sub-species which is often kept in captivity here as turned out at Xmas as Rudolph because they are small and very placid in nature.

Clearly reindeer because they are the only deer with such a pale grey/silver coat and they are the only deer found on Svalbard.

Graham Banwell

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