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An Emperor moth that crashed into a garage door possibly disorientated by a sensor activated halogen light that came on just prior to its impact.I put it in a box to save it from our cats as it was dazed and meant to releaseit into some scrub today but found it has laid 25-30 eggs this morning. Any ideas as to where best to put them she appears to want to incubate like a hen with eggs although I know this is not likly.

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breeding Emperors

This is reasonably easy to raise from eggs, we have hatched out c50 and will release many of the larvae and keep 15 or so to rear to pupa. Depending on where you are depends on what food they will take but ours are happily feeding on Hawthorn though if you use Bramble dont use young leaves. The eggs will take 2 to 3 weeks to hatch and then feed the small larve from the next day onwards. They dont eat much at first but after 10 or so days will get though a few leaves a day between them.
We raise them from egg in a 3" by 3" by 1.5" clear plastic box in a cupboard outside our front door that stays coolish. Once they gat a bot large you can transfer them to a larger margarine tub or similar with air holes (holes smaller than the larvae!).
Remember to keep the inside of the breeding box dry and replace the food regularly once they start to eat it with fresh food.
There is a lot of enjoyment to be had from raising things like this and you can always release some of the part grown larvae onto foodplants locally.

Andy Banthorpe
Joint Macro-moth recorder for Bedfordshire, VC30

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breeding Emperors

Hi Andy ,
thanks for that info was at a loss as to what to ffed them if they hatched .