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Nonsuch park 23

Observed: 4th July 2013 By: Ashleigh Bruen
Nonsuch park 23.1
Nonsuch park 23.2
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Species with which Common Oak (Quercus robur) interacts


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Quercus spp.

Here's a neat trick to tell Q. robur from Q. petraea from the hybrid Q. x rosacea. Courtesy of Prof. Mick Crawley. Score as follows: 2 points pedunculate acorns, 1 point sessile acorns; 2 points for simple or no hairs in the axils of the leaf veins, 1 point for stellate hairs; 2 points for a lobed leaf base, 1 point for a cuneate base (1.5 points if one side of the petiole is lobed and the other is cuneate!),; 2 points for petioles >1cm, 1 point for <1cm. Add the scores up. 8 = Q. robur; 4 = Q. petraea, 5-7 = Q. x rosacea. If no acorns scores are out of 6 - hybrid = 4-5 points.

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland