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Message for Matt Smith / Agrilus ID

Hello Matt,

Can't find another way to contact you! So, first of all, thank you for your agreement to ID on my Agrilus upload today. (
May I ask though, is it for the Genus, or do you agree with my tentative suggestion of A. laticornis?

Thanks ever so!




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You might be better

Posting this as a comment to the actual observation. Not everyone uses the forums, and the new comment will be flagged up on his "My Spot" changes section.

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Already have but no-one's looked in yet! Might try again as it's flagged up though.
Appreciate your reply.

Best wishes


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Post questions about Observations as a comment on the Observation itself - anyone who has "agreed" with it or added a different ID will see the Observation listed under "My Spot - things that have changed". I tend to look at that first when I come into I-Spot, I only look at the forums once every couple of weeks or so - iSpot is not really a "forums" website, eveything revolves around the "Observtions".

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