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Common Field-Speedwell

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I've seen many V.Persica this year but I've never seen V.Agrestis. This plant looks like a small more delicate version of Persica. Flower and seed seem a match for Agrestis.

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divergent fruit lobes

Can you help me to understand what this means?
I'm working from the images in rose which show Persica fruits with an obtuse angle and straight hairs while Agrestis has a more acute angle with ball tipped hairs.
Is the size of the flowers and fruits (both just under 5mm) within the range for Persica?


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your fourth picture of the

your fourth picture of the fruit shows that the two lobes of the fruit point outwards at about 90 degrees with a wide angle between (=divergent). in agrestis and polita they are much closer togther and look more like a rounded bottom with a narrow angle between.

Tim Rich

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Thanks for your reply

It appeared to match the image in the book. I did try to find some images on-line but wasn't successful. It's hard to be sure when you don't have the specimen (or the experience of it) to compare to.

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Veronica persica

The situation is not helped by the fact that the description and illustration in Rose are erroneous! V. persica has both long and short glandular hairs on the capsule.

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