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Unidentified caterpillar

Observed: 2nd July 2013 By: Flinty

Well camouflaged caterpillar in amongst patches of new growth ling and bell heather. Approx 3cm long

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Re; Food Plant

The Emperor Moths commonest food plant is heather, I'm still convinced it is this species, i could be wrong though. Just wish the picture was closer and in focus

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Hi David, its a very

Hi David, its a very distiinctive caterpillar and has the wrong colouration for the Emperor. A mature green Emperor doesnt have the white and yellow markings of BYU. I had to save and zoom in on the image to be sure of the markings. But yes at first glance Emperor did seem to be the likeliest candidate. A 3cm Emperor wouldnt show any green yet, just black and yellow.


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Thank you for your help with

Thank you for your help with this and apologies for the rubbish iPhone pic. I've been back to the site and checked based on your suggestions and it is the Beautiful Yellow Underwing. Although I'd love to see an adult Emperor

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Hi Flinty, Beautiful Yellow

Hi Flinty,

Beautiful Yellow Underwing is probably of more note in most locations, adult emperor is undoubtedly a more impressive moth, April and early May is the time to see it, the males are on the wing particularly on hot days but they usually require a butterfly net to intercept them in flight, in my experience they simply will not rest to be viewed.