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Observed: 3rd July 2013 By: nathdcfcnathdcfc’s reputation in Birds
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sorry forgot to mention scale. Roughly 45cm in length and 4cm wide.

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Tail feather

It might be worth checking the length again. At 45cm, that would make
the whole bird about the size of a Golden Eagle ;)

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A Golden Eagle's tail feather would be no longer than 38cm, a Buzzard no more than 25cm, so either it is from another (large!) bird, or it is an over-estimation. I assume it was in the wild, and not in a bird park or similar?


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sorry! not sure where i got

sorry! not sure where i got 45cm from... It is roughly 20cm in length.

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Phew! Thought you had discovered some lost, scary 'giant' bird of prey!

Buzzard should be correct, then. ;)


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feel I must add..

that from the photo without any measurements it looks like it could be 145cm. Now that would be scary!
Sorry doesn't add to this but just tickled me when I saw the perspective :)

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