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Odd damselfly

Observed: 3rd July 2013 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in Invertebrates

What has happened to this one? Despite the odd anatomy it seemed quite able to fly normally.

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ID comment

Difficult but the heavy wineglass mark in S2 and the black square mark in S9 would suggest the Variable male. As you know though the clinching ID features are hidden in this shot.

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Thanks, Chris

I was intrigued by the apparent deformity. I thought at first it was a bit of a contortionist, but it seemed stuck like this.

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Deformities are quite common in damselflies, usually though in the wings or abdomen.

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Damaged at emergence

This poor creature was probably damaged during emergence. Both dragon- & damselflies are vulnerable to attack whilst leaving the water for the first time & emerging from the larval exoskeleton. They can't fly until their wings are expanded & their bodies are soft & readily deformed. Once hardened, then they are permanently abnormal. A sad story!

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Again, thanks

The Odonata are really catching my interest at the moment: never lived anywhere with access to such numbers and variety.